As many of you know there has been many DIY smart mirrors and other big company smart mirror devices making waves online over the past few years. Many of them fall short of what we wanted though and didn’t expand on what the device can and should do for a everyday consumer.

Some of the key features that our Smart Mirror offers that many of the others don’t are;

  • Touch Screen – Multi touch input, drag and drop, pinch and zoom…
  • User Profiles – Organize your profile how you like it and password protect it
  • Sound – One of the primary uses we love about this is using it for music while we get ready in the morning
  • Phone integration – See your text and notification from your phone on your Smart Mirror so you can focus on getting ready for your day
  • Full Android – Tested, powerful and open source!
  • Customizable interface – Add, move, remove, resize any widget you want
  • Open to Developers – If you can make a widget for android, you can make a widget for our Smart Mirror

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